A Swarthmore College senior graduate photo session with her family

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Does your college graduation checklist include a professional photo shoot? 

Here are my 6 reasons why it should and what I learned from Swarthmore College graduate, Maria and her family.

Graduating college is more than just receiving a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree or PhD—it's a culmination of years of hard work, growth, and unforgettable memories. It's often time away from your family and the people who love you but support the heck out of you, so you can grow and spread your wings.  As you look towards the next leg of your journey, investing in college senior photos is a meaningful way to celebrate this significant milestone and thank the people who are there for you each step of the way. Here are six reasons why capturing this moment is a must do!

1. You worked your butt off; celebrate all that you've achieved!!

Graduating college is a monumental accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated in a big way. Senior photos provide an opportunity to recognize and commemorate the sweat and tears that when into your academic journey and the dedication it took to reach the home stretch between being a college student and a college graduate. From late-night study sessions to awesome successes, these photos serve as a visual tribute to your resilience and determination. When I was contacted by Maria to capture her college experience with a photo session, I was immediately thrilled to learn that Maria wanted to include her biggest supporters- her family. 

DSC_7189DSC_7189 DSC_6958DSC_6958 DSC_6996DSC_6996 DSC_6901DSC_6901

2. Share the experience with your family and the people who love you and supported you along the way!

Your college photo shoot is about you but it can also be about the people who supported you.  Scheduling a college senior photo session is an opportunity to invite your loved ones to partake in the excitement you're feeling as your graduation draws near.  Your family (and friends) are the people who stood by you, believed in you, cheered you on and provided unwavering support during the challenges of the college experience. 

DSC_7226DSC_7226 DSC_7280DSC_7280 DSC_7175DSC_7175 DSC_7102 (1)DSC_7102 (1)

For Maria, she left her home state of Texas, and her family, to pursue her degree at Swarthmore College.  Despite the distance, her mom, dad and sisters celebrated her successes with genuine enthusiasm- I saw it in the smiles they shared, the laughter and the connection they had throughout our time together. It was important to Maria to share a small piece of her college experience with them and in doing so created lasting memories together.  We walked all around the campus to not only provide various backdrops in such a picturesque campus but also to capture iconic spots so Maria would have images of what became her second home.  She'd have images to look back on to remember the chair on the main quad, the library where she spent hours studying, the garden she enjoyed every spring and start of the school year.  But even more, through sharing this experience, she expressed so much gratitude for the invaluable role her family played in her Swarthmore journey.  By making our time together a family photo shoot, Maria's family took a walk down memory lane with Maria, enjoying her second home as much as she did!

  DSC_7133DSC_7133 DSC_7492DSC_7492

3. Professional Presence for Job Search, because when you graduate you go from student to professional!

The job market is crazy competitive these days and first impressions done well make a lasting impression. Your LinkedIn profile serves as your digital resume, and a professional headshot can elevate your online presence, making you stand out to recruiters and employers. Additionally, as you attend networking events and job interviews, having polished images portrays confidence and attention to detail, essential qualities that employers seek in potential candidates. Investing in college senior photos not only captures your academic achievement but also sets the tone for your professional trajectory, signaling to the world that you are ready to take on the challenges of the workforce with poise and professionalism.  The time Maria and I spent together was a mix of fun and intention- capturing photos that showed her personality and the accomplished young adult she is.  While the photos with family were important to Maria, capturing individual portraits also mattered.  While I'm not sure that Maria's headshots made it to her LinkedIn profile, her images most definitely show a confident, empowered and professional college graduate.

DSC_7087DSC_7087 DSC_7693DSC_7693














4. Express gratitude to the people who supported you on campus with photos before you graduate

Sending thank-you notes to professors, mentors, and supporters who have guided you through your college years is a gracious gesture of appreciation. Including current photos from your senior session adds a personal touch to your gratitude, allowing recipients to see the confident, accomplished individual you've become as you express your thanks for their impact on your journey.  The photo session we enjoyed with Maria's family was a bit of a thank you to them.  And the photos after would be a tangible memory of that thanks for Maria's parents and siblings.  She truly gave them a gift of thanks by sharing the experience with them. 

5. Document Your College Experience, it's your home while you're there and will be a part of your history for your lifetime.

College isn't just a place of learning—it's your home away from home, where friendships are forged, lessons are learned, and memories are made. Documenting your college experience through senior photos is a tangible way to capture this transformative period in your life. From iconic campus landmarks to favorite hangout spots, these images serve as a visual diary of the moments and milestones that shaped your collegiate journey. And the years spent on a college campus shape the person you'll become- those years are a part of your history, entwined with your values, your motivation, your determination and are the support that you're success will be built upon.  The education Maria experienced at Swarthmore was invaluable- she didn't tell me that but I could tell the College had a profound and positive impact on her.  As we walked the campus and she shared little pieces of information about the buildings and the dorms and the open areas and those iconic spots I alluded to earlier, I knew that she had enjoyed her time there.  

DSC_7064DSC_7064 DSC_7451DSC_7451















6. Embrace Memories and Reflections:

As you prepare to leave behind the familiar halls and bustling campus life, senior photos provide a moment of reflection and nostalgia. They serve as a reminder of the friendships, challenges, and growth you experienced during your college years, evoking a sense of pride and gratitude for the journey you've undertaken. For Maria, our time together was an opportunity to share her second home with her family.  Maria just which parts of the campus she wanted to show her family and we stopped at each of them to provide a backdrop to the Swarthmore story she wanted to share with her parents and sisters.  The images captured during a senior photo session will not only support you as you begin your professional journey as headshots but they will serve as a reminder of the hard work you put in.  You'll treasure them when you look back at where your professional life began. 

DSC_7742DSC_7742 DSC_7720DSC_7720














I can honestly tell you that I had the best time exploring Maria's second home with her and her family.  We had such a great time enjoying the beauty and history of the campus!  I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure her sisters would agree that it was a fun and memorable experience too (based on their smiles ;)!!

DSC_7483DSC_7483 DSC_7342DSC_7342 DSC_7411DSC_7411 DSC_7520DSC_7520 DSC_7545DSC_7545

A Philadelphia area dog photographer on her soul dog and the connection shared with her boys

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Soul dog.  Sadie was my soul dog, but I didn't know it then. 

The 12 1/2 years we were blessed to have Sadie in our lives were years when I was living with my soul dog but had no idea.  I knew she was special, that she was a part of our family, growing up with our boys, by their sides and always present.  We relied on Sadie for her constant love and presence in our pack, and yes, I kind of took it for granted. 

When Sadie hit her senior years, she was diagnosed with diabetes.  That brought with it a whole other level of care, and it was stressful.  It was daily. But, it was a challenge that I just picked up and carried on with.  I will admit there were not so good days, days when I needed to manage my stress and emotions better.  But, I did whatever I needed to do for Sadie.  When she crossed the rainbow bridge, it hurt, emotionally and physically.  It brought us so much sadness. One of my boys still talks with her almost daily.  He shares his day with her just before bedtime each night.  It's become a ritual for him....it makes me wonder if maybe Sadie was his soul dog too.

When Sadie was with us, I didn't always think to pull out my camera and take photos of her, particularly in the earlier years.  Maybe I was in the throes of young parenting, trying to stay afloat, treading water with three boys and learning how to parent every step of the way.  In those years, Sadie was present.  She was growing up right alongside my boys, herding them, romping with them, barking and racing around the house with them.  They were her pack and let me tell you, I absolutely adored everything about that.  

Sadie was our beautiful, blue merle, Aussie mix, a pup we adopted from a rescue in the days before I'd gotten a glimpse into what the rescue world is about.  I only knew that Sadie "came up from the South" with her siblings and that when we went to meet the puppies, she quietly came over to spend time with my oldest, then 18 month old.  She picked us.  And until I wrote those words just now, I never thought about that.  She. Picked. Us. 

The connection dogs have with us and the love that we feel for them, it's profound and as authentic as love gets. 

I'll always miss my soul dog, Sadie.  And I will be forever grateful that she chose us to be her family. 


13707656_10210280410666141_3006165955023915057_n13707656_10210280410666141_3006165955023915057_n 15873183_10212010779724286_7073090027639049959_n15873183_10212010779724286_7073090027639049959_n 28514603_10216075984991877_7662255397478273462_o28514603_10216075984991877_7662255397478273462_o 51849562_10219124827091024_8533551197640982528_n51849562_10219124827091024_8533551197640982528_n 65421041_10220146987324391_1785448888841273344_n65421041_10220146987324391_1785448888841273344_n 80443815_10221862954542499_1775337178616823808_n80443815_10221862954542499_1775337178616823808_n 81341901_10221959737322008_8959379277845889024_n81341901_10221959737322008_8959379277845889024_n 82143417_10222000872590364_2055580384476790784_n82143417_10222000872590364_2055580384476790784_n 82469681_10222099697860934_8710327773756915712_n82469681_10222099697860934_8710327773756915712_n 82552113_10222063369672752_9033399092117504000_n82552113_10222063369672752_9033399092117504000_n 82838332_10222072818428965_3172105077791916032_n (1)82838332_10222072818428965_3172105077791916032_n (1) 84165866_10222377946016964_5556504602217545728_n84165866_10222377946016964_5556504602217545728_n 89861362_10222692433478954_2871346410886791168_n89861362_10222692433478954_2871346410886791168_n 93600922_10223133611428127_9184768243733102592_n93600922_10223133611428127_9184768243733102592_n 107816532_10224031131785575_6847593481677455464_n107816532_10224031131785575_6847593481677455464_n 119436845_10224632441417940_9097200090251791409_n119436845_10224632441417940_9097200090251791409_n 175961506_10226421351259568_2970017163595711010_n175961506_10226421351259568_2970017163595711010_n 177680398_10226421349299519_8277255584061312291_n177680398_10226421349299519_8277255584061312291_n 177328215_10226421348499499_2118904958111773868_n177328215_10226421348499499_2118904958111773868_n 177768162_10226421351179566_8028043504866860589_n177768162_10226421351179566_8028043504866860589_n 177834127_10226421349099514_2439236359944850927_n177834127_10226421349099514_2439236359944850927_n 177860511_10226421349139515_6284881198340112944_n177860511_10226421349139515_6284881198340112944_n 177977272_10226421352459598_6229176411533407454_n177977272_10226421352459598_6229176411533407454_n 178446366_10226421348379496_244288501503019590_n178446366_10226421348379496_244288501503019590_n sadiesadie 277295784_10228513592364288_8877331303200906389_n277295784_10228513592364288_8877331303200906389_n sadiezxgsadiezxg



Your family pets are a part of your family...please include them in your family photos!

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When a couple or family reaches out to chat about their photo session, they sometimes ask if they can bring their pup or pups.  Sometimes they don't and it's not until we meet up that they mention their pup, thinking belatedly they should have included him or her.  I absolutely adore dogs and any chance I have to capture them with their people is the best!!  Bring your dogs!!! To your family session, to your engagement session, to your wedding!!  They are family.  They love you unconditionally.  And those photos will be with you always, forever.  Let that time together be something they're apart of!  The only downside to bringing your dog is that I may fawn over your pup, or greet your pup before I greet you lol!!  The upside (aside from the amazing images we'll capture together), if I want to catch a shot of just the humans, I'll happily put a foot through the leash handle and keep your pup safe by my side while I've got you laughing and am capturing those smiles!  I love a pup assistant ;)


DSC_0630DSC_0630 DSC_0635DSC_0635 DSC_1192DSC_1192 DSC_1753DSC_1753 DSC_1770DSC_1770 DSC_3237DSC_3237 DSC_3234DSC_3234 DSC_7278DSC_7278 DSC_8192DSC_8192 DSC_8296DSC_8296 DSC_8342DSC_8342 DSC_8352DSC_8352 DSC_8383DSC_8383 SKS_0005ASKS_0005A SKS_2292SKS_2292 SKS_2307SKS_2307 SKS_2328SKS_2328 SKS_2506SKS_2506 SKS_2630SKS_2630 SKS_5202SKS_5202 SKS_6953_editedSKS_6953_edited SKS_7083SKS_7083 SKS_7661SKS_7661 SKS_7888SKS_7888 SKS_9283SKS_9283 SKS_9805SKS_9805 z6_965z6_965

Downingtown area senior portraits, the SKRS Photography Senior Experience, 2021 and 2022

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The SKRS Senior Experience: senior portraits that are authentic and simple.

Senior year is such an exciting time and this year, thinking outside the box to make the year more memorable is key!  Planning for a senior portrait session beyond the picture day offered through school is an ideal way to add a fun and in-person experience to your senior year that you will always remember!  

Booking your senior portraits with me means you'll get a custom experience and one-of-a-kind images that showcase your individual style and unique personality!  It also means you'll have a fun time! 


It was more recently that I was drawn to senior portrait photography.  Just the first two sessions opened my eyes to how much fun photographing seniors can be!!  I'm a complete dork, so if you're not cool hanging with a mid-aged mother of three who will try to use the word "newb" or "legit" during the session, I may not be the right fit for you!  However, if you're game for laughing, exploring and creating photographs that represent who you are, embrace your interests and believe that during our session my goal is for you to feel amazing and excited about a highlight experience of your senior year, I am just the right photographer to capture your once in a lifetime senior portraits!!  And, believe it, I can't wait!!

thir-114thir-114 SKS_0770SKS_0770  


Senior pictures at school are so very different from a session with me!  You'll likely choose one of those photos for the yearbook, in fact it may even be required by your school.  I'm pretty sure the Downingtown East and West as well as STEM yearbook editors use portraits from the in school picture day.  Truthfully, even as a photographer, I will always purchase at least one print of my boys each year from the school photographer- it guarantees the same exact pose, same held tilt and same cheesy smile so I can see the changes in them from year to year lol!  But those photos don't show their personaliities and my guess is that yours isn't represented in those either.  They're a classic, but seeking out a personalized senior portrait experience is so much more exciting and representative of who you are!  During your session, my goal is to create amazing images together that capture your personality and incorporate your interests!  Yes, I encourage you to bring along any items that are important to you, whether that's a stack of your favorite books, your crochet hook and yarn, your lacrosse stx and helmet or your bat and glove.  Time is completely on our side (because I never ever wrap up a session unless I feel we've captured all of the shots that showcase who you are!)  There's no line of students waiting their turn, and I never walk away when the time is up.  


I begin every single session with some warm-up shots, that first spot I have us stop to get those first snaps out of the way to allow us both to relax into our time together.  While I get my settings figured out, you'll have that time to get settled and used to being in front of the camera.  From there our time together will be so much fun- we will laugh, we will play, we will make sure to capture those key shots and then we will get creative!  I absolutely love exploring the space where we meet and while I will bring my ideas to guide the session, be prepared to walk a lot and to stop here and there as we find spaces to capture photos with a variety of backgrounds and light.  Throughout the session, I'm looking to take photos that are closer up, steps away and also show you in the setting. 



Before we even meet, I'll introduce myself and get to "meet" you with a questionnaire that helps me know what your interests are, what your future plans are AND what is most important to you with your senior photos in mind.  From there, we can jump on a call, video chat, email or text back and forth (whatever you prefer!) to discuss outfits, locations, and themes.  Whether you'd like an urban vibe or natural backdrop for your images, I have a ton of ideas on locations and will work with you to find the perfect spot to compliment your uniqueness!  It is my goal that you arrive at your senior portrait session feeling prepared and good about capturing this time!  Most seniors feel a little nervous when they climb out of the car.  Makes sense, not everyone has a photo shoot all about them on a regular basis.  But I don't think you'll feel those nerves for long!  Before we meet, please know that I honestly enjoy the time we'll spend together!  It is so nice to be able to have conversations with young people who are in such an exciting place in their lives!  I love to hear my seniors' plans, where they may travel after graduation, what they plan to pursue.  It's exciting!! 



I capture a mix of posed and candid photos, keeping it as natural and authentic as possible. I do provide guidance when needed to capture a shot I have in mind or to help you with a pose you might have in mind.  And, I welcome and encourage your ideas!!  I want to capture the shots that you know you want while also surprising you with the ideas I bring to your senior portrait experience! 

When we meet up, we'll chat as we move throughout the location, stopping in spots that catch our eyes, looking for awesome backdrops or light.  It's really an hour spent hanging out and snapping photos along the way.  I'm always sure to have a space figured out for outfit changes if you want to plan for that.  I think the most important thing for you to know coming into your senior portrait experience with me is- don't worry about how you're going to act or pose - I'll walk you through everything and after just a short bit of time together, you'll feel settled in and comfortable and crazy excited to see what we capture together!!

Beyond the session: prints and albums 

After our time together, I do my absolute best to get some previews to you as quickly as possible so you can see how you rocked your senior photos!  When your final images are ready, within two weeks of our session, I'll send you a gallery of high resolution digital images, ideal for printing and within that gallery, a separate set of web ready images for sharing on social media or just having on hand on your phone.  


Golden hour New Jersey family session, Chester and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania

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As a photographer, I count myself lucky to have a sister who loves photographs as much as I do!  Couple that with her husband who loves having his photo taken and their absolutely adorable baby boy and well yup, I'm pretty much living every photographer's dream when I do a family session with them!!  Early in December, we planned our session for golden hour in a beautiful, historic spot, a perfect backdrop to capture this period in their lives and for their first Christmas card as a family of three.  When they climbed out of their truck, I was so excited to see how my sister had styled her family for this shoot.  They had such an awesome look for the location- the perfect blend of colors to add a hint of Christmas but still give them a classic and timeless look.  The signs she brought along added a touch of vintage along with their style.  And though I'd been told my nephew was easy going, little did I expect he'd be so happy!  He's so easy to photograph!!  Of course, with all family sessions, that time in front of my camera is time spent together, laughing and enjoying each other in a beautiful setting.  I can see in all three of their faces how much they adore each other and the simple experience of being together.  It was beautiful and you'd better believe I'm already looking towards our next session and time together!!!


SKS_1713SKS_1713 SKS_1740-2SKS_1740-2 SKS_1772SKS_1772 SKS_1834SKS_1834 SKS_1903SKS_1903 SKS_1917SKS_1917 SKS_1975SKS_1975 SKS_1981_editedSKS_1981_edited SKS_1992SKS_1992 z6_1024z6_1024 z6_1031z6_1031 z6_1037z6_1037 z6_1043z6_1043 z6_1054z6_1054 z6_1056z6_1056 z6_1058z6_1058 z6_1062z6_1062 z6_1063z6_1063

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