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I'm going to want to get to know you and your family, but I'd love for you to know a bit about me too!



I am a Jersey girl turned Pennsylvania gal who loves photographing people and the milestones and moments that make us human.  I love Every. Single. Moment.  I love the silly antics I pull out of my hat to capture the attention of a wayward toddler, to the nerves, the joy, and the laughter a couple shares on their wedding day!  It all rocks, every single bit of the lives we live, the loves we feel and the relationships we nurture!  I love meeting with my families and couples as they plan their coordinating outfits or their unique wedding day details.  I love to think with them about how their session or their wedding day will represent who they are. I love all of the little exchanges I have with my families and couples!


Down-to-Earth & Genuine

I am down-to-earth, it’s who I am in my life, and I stay true to myself with every family session and wedding I shoot! What does that mean for my families & couples? They have a photographer who is easy going and who enjoys being in the midst of their family and friends!  I am present in every session and wedding I shoot, fully committed and focused only on the family or couple I'm with.  I absolutely live in the moments to capture them as I experience them alongside my families and couples.  I genuinely enjoy being there. When there is laughter, I’m smiling too. When there are tears, I’m often seen swiping a tear away myself.  I live in the moment because I believe that’s how I best see them through my camera lens.


Lively & Calm

These two words embody my demeanor whether during a family session or wedding.  I have fun!  I feel the energy of the experience!  But I'm also so aware of the moments, always looking for the unexpected, the planned traditions, the laughter following a crazy move on the dance floor, the adoring smile from a parent after that first kiss.  But a calmness, that I’ll be honest isn’t always my modos operandi, remains with me always when my camera's in hand.  I keep tabs on my couples to be sure they’re enjoying the moments.  I check in to be sure they’ve had a bite to eat, a drink, a chance to breathe.  I know the photographs I capture will bring my couples back to the start of their wedded story. And I know the families I photograph will share those photos with loved ones and look on them to remember the years.



Creative & Timeless Wedding Coverage

I approach every wedding knowing instinctively that it will be unique to the couple.  But I also approach each wedding with a creative eye and the intention of capturing candid and posed moments in a timeless way.  The photographs I capture on wedding days are meant to tell the story of that couple’s choice to become family and to travel that journey together.  Their photographs will be with them for their lives together, to share their story with their children and grandchildren.  I understand the importance and power of the photographs and moments I capture.  They are the visual story to accompany the words.  I do not take that knowing lightly.  

Chester County Family Photographer | www.skrsphotography.comChester County Family Photographer | www.skrsphotography.com

From weddings to family

The wedding is where it all begins.  It's where a couple becomes a family.  When they choose each other and to share their extended families, to blend traditions, blend cultures, all with one love.  If I'm lucky enough, I get to capture the story of their family as it evolves and grows.  It's why being a family photographer led me to wedding photography.  I want to see where the story begins.


I'm based in Chester County, Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia area though am always willing to travel!   

Stay awhile and have a look around!




This is one of my favorite moments...

six boys (three of them mine) between the ages of 9 and 3, stopped and stood together, holding hands to contemplate the ocean for just a moment...

okay, fine, yes it was planned and posed and almost exactly what I was shooting for to gift my parents, the boys' grandparents.  But what wasn't planned was the hand in the pocket, the little brother holding on to just a few of his big brother's fingers, the intent gaze on the waves rolling up, the determined look down at feet digging into the sand, the lifted head allowing eyes to see the horizon, a little foot, heel lifted, poised to explode back into motion.  It's the smallest shifts before I click the shutter that make every image I capture authentic and true...

...and then that moment was gone.