Meet Stacey

Hi, I'm Stacey, the girl behind the camera and SKRS Photography.  As a mom of three boys, I know how rambunctious attempts at capturing a simple photo of one or all three boys can be, and I also know how fast those very same boys change and grow.  It's that unstoppable change that has made photography important to me again. The baby cheeks only last so long and every once in awhile, I look at my boys and wonder how they got so much taller or how their faces thinned without me noticing and their imaginations grew into a new place.  I had a Pentax film camera in high school.  I actually picked it up at a flea market and carried it into my first photography class.  My interest continued into college where I adapted to and embraced a photo-journalistic style of photography.  Post college, the camera found its place on a shelf as I pursued a career in teaching.  Family soon after became my focus and with the birth of my first son, I rediscovered my passion for photography, though I think the catalyst at that point was my desire to hold onto time and to some degree capture my sons' lives more tangibly. 

And so for 10 years now, I've chased three wild boys on their adventures.  I've spent lazy mornings with them just sitting about.  I've spent Lego afternoons and drawing and coloring marathons with them.  I've sat on the sidelines of soccer, baseball, basketball and rugby.  I've done everything you do with your own children except that I have my camera in hand and the knowledge of how to compose an image, adjust the aperture and shutter speed just so.  Oh believe me, my smartphone camera gets its fair share of use (check out my Instagram account for lots of those images! ) but my camera is my tool for capturing these guys in those quiet and pensive moments and their wild and carefree play. 

And all of that led me to SKRS Photography (SKRS= Stacey Kathryn Russ Sherman).  Picking up my camera for my sons reminded me how much I love the art and the feel of wielding a camera and creating artful and lasting images.  With my boys' changes came a change in me and a desire to connect with other families and couples.  My camera was the ideal tool to do so and photography has become a beautiful and creative outlet for me.  I find complete enjoyment in working with families to capture images that define the moment they are living. 

I am excited that you've taken a moment to visit my page to learn more about me!  I invite you to view my portfolio and contact me with any questions you might have about my experience or the experience of a session with me!