High school senior portrait session in Valley Forge at sunset

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When I'm not looking through my camera, I should totally be blogging the awesome sessions I've had the honor to be a part of.  That's the idea anyway, but getting into a blogging routine is a struggle.  I'm not sure why- I love photographing seniors and sharing the magic we capture during our custom portrait sessions.  It's something I want to talk about and share with other high school seniors considering a photo shoot! 

I met with Jada earlier this year with the plan to explore a beautiful and iconic Chester County location during the hour before sunset, the golden hour.  Jada was so amazing!!  She brought ideas to our photo shoot that made the session uniquely about her- showcasing who she is in this place in her life.  Jada's graduation is just weeks away...how did that happen??  She's a high school senior at Downingtown East High School, and I can't wait to hear where her path will take her after graduation!  

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Stacey Sherman is a senior portrait photographer based in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Her sessions are about capturing photos of seniors in a natural, fun, relaxed and authentic way.  Stacey offers senior portraits throughout Chester County including Phoenixville, West Chester, Pottstown, Chester Springs and the Philadelphia suburbs.  Contact 


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