Your family pets are a part of your family...please include them in your family photos!

July 08, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When a couple or family reaches out to chat about their photo session, they sometimes ask if they can bring their pup or pups.  Sometimes they don't and it's not until we meet up that they mention their pup, thinking belatedly they should have included him or her.  I absolutely adore dogs and any chance I have to capture them with their people is the best!!  Bring your dogs!!! To your family session, to your engagement session, to your wedding!!  They are family.  They love you unconditionally.  And those photos will be with you always, forever.  Let that time together be something they're apart of!  The only downside to bringing your dog is that I may fawn over your pup, or greet your pup before I greet you lol!!  The upside (aside from the amazing images we'll capture together), if I want to catch a shot of just the humans, I'll happily put a foot through the leash handle and keep your pup safe by my side while I've got you laughing and am capturing those smiles!  I love a pup assistant ;)


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