Downingtown area senior portraits, the SKRS Photography Senior Experience, 2021 and 2022

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The SKRS Senior Experience: senior portraits that are authentic and simple.

Senior year is such an exciting time and this year, thinking outside the box to make the year more memorable is key!  Planning for a senior portrait session beyond the picture day offered through school is an ideal way to add a fun and in-person experience to your senior year that you will always remember!  

Booking your senior portraits with me means you'll get a custom experience and one-of-a-kind images that showcase your individual style and unique personality!  It also means you'll have a fun time! 


It was more recently that I was drawn to senior portrait photography.  Just the first two sessions opened my eyes to how much fun photographing seniors can be!!  I'm a complete dork, so if you're not cool hanging with a mid-aged mother of three who will try to use the word "newb" or "legit" during the session, I may not be the right fit for you!  However, if you're game for laughing, exploring and creating photographs that represent who you are, embrace your interests and believe that during our session my goal is for you to feel amazing and excited about a highlight experience of your senior year, I am just the right photographer to capture your once in a lifetime senior portraits!!  And, believe it, I can't wait!!

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Senior pictures at school are so very different from a session with me!  You'll likely choose one of those photos for the yearbook, in fact it may even be required by your school.  I'm pretty sure the Downingtown East and West as well as STEM yearbook editors use portraits from the in school picture day.  Truthfully, even as a photographer, I will always purchase at least one print of my boys each year from the school photographer- it guarantees the same exact pose, same held tilt and same cheesy smile so I can see the changes in them from year to year lol!  But those photos don't show their personaliities and my guess is that yours isn't represented in those either.  They're a classic, but seeking out a personalized senior portrait experience is so much more exciting and representative of who you are!  During your session, my goal is to create amazing images together that capture your personality and incorporate your interests!  Yes, I encourage you to bring along any items that are important to you, whether that's a stack of your favorite books, your crochet hook and yarn, your lacrosse stx and helmet or your bat and glove.  Time is completely on our side (because I never ever wrap up a session unless I feel we've captured all of the shots that showcase who you are!)  There's no line of students waiting their turn, and I never walk away when the time is up.  


I begin every single session with some warm-up shots, that first spot I have us stop to get those first snaps out of the way to allow us both to relax into our time together.  While I get my settings figured out, you'll have that time to get settled and used to being in front of the camera.  From there our time together will be so much fun- we will laugh, we will play, we will make sure to capture those key shots and then we will get creative!  I absolutely love exploring the space where we meet and while I will bring my ideas to guide the session, be prepared to walk a lot and to stop here and there as we find spaces to capture photos with a variety of backgrounds and light.  Throughout the session, I'm looking to take photos that are closer up, steps away and also show you in the setting. 



Before we even meet, I'll introduce myself and get to "meet" you with a questionnaire that helps me know what your interests are, what your future plans are AND what is most important to you with your senior photos in mind.  From there, we can jump on a call, video chat, email or text back and forth (whatever you prefer!) to discuss outfits, locations, and themes.  Whether you'd like an urban vibe or natural backdrop for your images, I have a ton of ideas on locations and will work with you to find the perfect spot to compliment your uniqueness!  It is my goal that you arrive at your senior portrait session feeling prepared and good about capturing this time!  Most seniors feel a little nervous when they climb out of the car.  Makes sense, not everyone has a photo shoot all about them on a regular basis.  But I don't think you'll feel those nerves for long!  Before we meet, please know that I honestly enjoy the time we'll spend together!  It is so nice to be able to have conversations with young people who are in such an exciting place in their lives!  I love to hear my seniors' plans, where they may travel after graduation, what they plan to pursue.  It's exciting!! 



I capture a mix of posed and candid photos, keeping it as natural and authentic as possible. I do provide guidance when needed to capture a shot I have in mind or to help you with a pose you might have in mind.  And, I welcome and encourage your ideas!!  I want to capture the shots that you know you want while also surprising you with the ideas I bring to your senior portrait experience! 

When we meet up, we'll chat as we move throughout the location, stopping in spots that catch our eyes, looking for awesome backdrops or light.  It's really an hour spent hanging out and snapping photos along the way.  I'm always sure to have a space figured out for outfit changes if you want to plan for that.  I think the most important thing for you to know coming into your senior portrait experience with me is- don't worry about how you're going to act or pose - I'll walk you through everything and after just a short bit of time together, you'll feel settled in and comfortable and crazy excited to see what we capture together!!

Beyond the session: prints and albums 

After our time together, I do my absolute best to get some previews to you as quickly as possible so you can see how you rocked your senior photos!  When your final images are ready, within two weeks of our session, I'll send you a gallery of high resolution digital images, ideal for printing and within that gallery, a separate set of web ready images for sharing on social media or just having on hand on your phone.  



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