Before the nest is empty | capturing a family that laughs together in Glenmoore

June 04, 2018

As a family photographer, so many of my clients are families with little ones.  But from time to time and more often it would seem, families with teenagers reach out wanting to capture their whole family before the kids leave the nest.  These sessions are my favorite, in part because of the switch I need to make to attempt to connect just enough with these older kids to illicit genuine smiles from them.  And in truth, my attempts at humor often fall on straight faces and disinterested eyes.  But given a little time, they settle into the photo session experience, their expectations of a dull and simply lame hour are replaced with a bit of pleasant surprise as they find themselves genuinely laughing with their mom, dad and siblings.  Is it the barn cat that insists on being a part of the shoot?  Is it the inevitable trip and near tumble I find myself in?  Yes, the cat helps.. my goofiness not likely!  But ultimately, it's the realization that the time they're spending with their family is important and actually a bit fun :)  It also helps that these guys' parents genuinely enjoy each others' company and laugh together!!

This session was mom's idea (of course) and the boys came along willingly though I later learned with very little expectations for a good time.  After the session, I received the following text from mom-

My younger son "got in the car and said 'that was nice.' You have no idea how much he really didn't want to go tonight."

Her feedback is such a tremendous complement! 

So glad this family sought me out to capture this time in their lives!!

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