Motherhood {Chester County family photographer seeks out the everyday experience of a mom of boys}

February 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


{Boy mom.}

I get these things because they are roles I fill and have embraced over the last eleven years.  This winter, I sought out the opportunity to gain a visual of motherhood from a different perspective.  When I posted my model call, hoping to find a mom in the throes of early motherhood, I was pleasantly welcomed into the home of this mama and her littles.  I spent just a morning with them, but let me tell you, it was a morning bustling with energy, full of excitement and curiosity and just that little bit of time gave me a sense of the experience this mama is living.  She is calm, she is reasonable, she is full of love for her three boys.  I was amazed and so humbled to experience their bonds and to see the ebb and flow of the individual relationships this mama has forged with each of her boys as well as the overall loving relationship she has instilled in them for each other.  She encompasses each little man in love and the wonder she feels while watching them explore and experience the world around them is genuine and lasting.  




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