A sweet family, a bit of silliness, and a beautiful morning in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania

February 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I sat down tonight to look through photos and to write about some of the incredible families I met during my fall sessions and had the privilege to photograph and instead I came upon this, saved and not yet shared... 

I'm not sure I have experienced a more perfect session start with a family than I did with this sweet family.  It doesn't get better than to arrive in a beautiful farm setting to find one of the resident donkeys peering out his barn stall window at the lush and vivid green landscape spread before him.  If I'm remembering his name correctly, this fairly new Springton Manor Farm resident, Jack, was quite a hit with these excited kids!  They were enthralled by him and yet cautious, slowly closing the space between themselves and the barn wall.  It's those moments of wonder and excitement that make being a family photographer so rewarding.  Kelli and Scott were all to willing to let their kids enjoy the moments of this encounter.   This family brought smiles and laughter and a simple joy in being together.  I honestly felt like I was enjoying a morning excursion on the farm with these guys, my camera happenstance. 

This is one of those sessions that has stayed with me.  I have so many favorite moments and images from my time with these guys.  I hope you'll enjoy returning to the warmer weather as you scroll through!





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