Mommy and me, the guys, sibling love + Springton Manor Farm, the gem of Glenmoore, Pennsylvania

September 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The locally iconic wall of the Great Barn at Springton Manor Farm beckoned me and this sweet family on a late August evening.  Heidi knew this beautiful stone wall would make the perfect backdrop for her family photo.  As we approached the barn, I was thrilled to find a beautiful, soft light, so perfect for her vision and mine.  But even more, I was enamored by this family, handsome and genuine, ready to spend this bit of their evening together to allow me to capture them as a family.  Family sessions like this are remarkably satisfying for a photographer.  The evening and setting were ideal, but so were their outfits, such a bold contrast to the browns and greys of the stone wall and a gorgeous compliment to the rich hues of the golden hour grasses and sunlight.  And the family, as a whole, was engaged and interested in allowing me to photograph them.  The kids, not shy or reserved in the least, interacted with me through the lens.  They peered closely, looking to see if their reflections could be seen, they were simply present during our hour together, enjoying their sibling time.  I honestly do not think I can recall a sibling duo as happy to spend time together as these two little ones were.  I could see glimpses of the big brother James will be when these two are older.  No dating for Caroline!  Equally amazing were Mike and Heidi's willingness to traipse around the farm, enjoying the evening and the experience.  I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with this family again this year! 


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