Bethlehem with Wendy Zook Photography

June 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A handful of months back, I met with Wendy of Wendy Zook Photography in Bethlehem, PA.  It was our first meet-up and what a treat it was!  We wandered the streets, iron gates and fences, solid wood doors, unique entryways and the first signs of spring capturing our attention.  And blissfully we had nothing more to do than converse from behind our Nikons as moments held us.  We made unsolicited stops when something caught our eye, each of us instinctively reading the pause in one another's step, that moment of intrigue followed by the click.  It was a perfect morning spent with a lovely person in a town rich in history and architectural beauty.  Stunning day, really.  Wendy captured me in action and for that I'm grateful, because I rarely step in from of the camera and if I had my pick, I'd choose to be unaware and in my natural presence.    Photo in this blog by Wendy Zook Photography


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