In the mud kitchen, imagining and crafting amongst the pines in Chester County PA

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In the Mud Kitchen. Inspired by Gems From Before, outfitted by Smithfield Barn, designed and built by Xavier and kid-tested and kid-approved by Gideon.

We live on a parcel of grassy land, an ideal place for three boys to run, jump, chase each other, kick a ball, play catch... I grew up on a parcel of land commanded by tall oak trees and tremendous maples.  My siblings and I ran through the woods, created paths through the prickers, played hide and seek amongst the towering sentinels... my kids have open grass, but in my mind, they need the woods.  The woods drew four siblings outside through lazy summers.  We traveled paths to friends' houses, explored new areas, uncovered treasures from the leaf covered forest floor.  In our yard, the kids find a bit of the adventure I knew as a kid in a line of pine trees, Christmas trees from years past.  The kids have gravitated to the tree corner of our land as have I.  And we've begun to explore, imagine and create together.  Trees who lived full lives now adorn the tree fort as tables, cooking ranges and sitting areas.  My kids mix and mash potions and soup, cook and tend to earthy fares, design and craft native weapons as they delve back in time with friends and each other, natives.  I love finding them working and playing under the pines. 



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