Binky Lee, a natural land preservation in Chester Springs PA

May 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Spring. My boys and I explored the Binky Lee Preserve in Chester Springs, PA last week. We went on an overcast morning when the air was fresh, our surroundings the bright green of the new spring. Binky Lee is a beautiful local spot dedicated to preserving the natural area and bringing it back.

During our exploration of the Binky Lee Preserve​ we discovered an incredible presence of tent caterpillars (a term carried over from my childhood).  I grew up knowing about these creatures, knowing their arrival marked the arrival of spring and the slow change to early summer.  But never have I seen them in such abundance.  Never have I seen silky trails, white veins, lining the trees' branches and trunks.  I am in awe of nature and so very respectful as well.  My boys and I were fascinated by the sheer number of caterpillars and tents we discovered but the fascination quickly gave way to an awareness of the destruction the crawlers possess.  I'm not sure if their presence in such a tremendous amount is typical, but I do find myself wondering how the trees, their leaves just now unfolding, fresh, tender, how will they survive the devastation the caterpillars will undoubtedly bring as they grow towards wings?  Our hope, of course, is that the trees will continue to thrive so that the mission of the preserve can be fulfilled and the land a walk back in time to the Pennsylvania wilds of days gone by..




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