A wintry Marsh Creek Lake for two brothers

January 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Two of my boys and I explored Marsh Creek Lake earlier in the week.  We discovered a very different image from our summer outings to the lake and this image thrilled them!  They were mesmerized by the idea of the lake existing under the layer of snow.  They were enthralled by the layers of ice pushed up on the sand and completely taken with the idea of chucking the ice slabs out over the vast whiteness.  In the first photograph, "Heave ho!", Xavier was busy heaving slabs of ice onto the white top of the frozen water.  In this second photograph, Xavier and Gideon, "Brothers" found themselves together at the end of the dock, a dock off limits to them in summertime.  Such peacefulness and pure child joy.  Sigh, that was a good morning.  Though the moments alone were memorable, having my camera in hand was a good thing. 



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